Oak Park, Illinois

1010 Lake Street

1010 Lake Street is one of only a few buildings of its kind in downtown Oak Park, a historic village bordering Chicago. UrbanStreet saw in this structure a unique opportunity to re-create urban style offices—first through extensive modernizing, then by elevating the commercial space experience with distinctive office environments customized to tenant needs.

Chicago, Illinois

203 North Wabash

This former bank, located in Chicago’s Loop, was brimming with incredible spaces. When UrbanStreet acquired the pre-Depression Era building in 2008, we were ahead of the curve in uncovering its possibility. We created office environments that were the very antithesis to the shared workspaces of the time. We built custom-designed spaces for people who wanted their own private offices—with their own doors.

Chicago, Illinois

2232 North Clybourn

There weren’t offices in Chicago’s west Lincoln Park when UrbanStreet constructed this cool boutique building. Its loft style and exposed steel beams represented a new concept at the time, and became a precursor to the commercial buildings that now dot the neighborhood.

Chicago, Illinois

200 East Ohio

This once-dilapidated office building near Navy Pier has experienced a renaissance (or two, or three). UrbanStreet purchased it at the turn of the millennium. We reimagined the property with tremendous commercial environments. As the neighborhood thrived and tenants grew, UrbanStreet grew with them—fostering relationships in creating new spaces and expanding floors.

Chicago, Illinois

805 North Milwaukee

UrbanStreet envisioned new and exciting spaces in Chicago’s up-and-coming River West neighborhood. We started over with 805 N. Milwaukee, rebuilding the office with a new face and re-created environments.  The “new” loft building redefined space in this neighborhood.